“I had spider veins and I had a varicose vein in my leg after having three children. I’m a nurse, and I used to work at Leigh Memorial Hospital. I know this group of vascular specialists (Vascular & Transplant Specialists and The Vein Center of Virginia), and I respect them. I was also referred to them by my obstetrician. He said that they were doing great work on veins and that I might want to give them a call.

The first time I came in they did light therapy (PhotoDerm©), and I had some good results. But we wanted to have a little better result, so they did injections (sclerotherapy) in both legs. I really had dramatic results. In fact, it was so good they used me in one of their medical write-ups.

They’re very personable, and they listen to you. They took their time to explain it. When I had some questions after treatment, I called and they were very good about answering them.”

Kaye Ganey
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“My experiences with The Vein Center have been amazing. The staff is not only knowledgeable but, more importantly, they are all warm and friendly. It’s always a pleasure to go to the office, so I look forward to my visits. The results of my treatment were immediate and almost unbelievable. I would highly recommend these folks to everyone.”

Lynne Mamoudis
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Most women want to get rid of spider veins on their legs, but this procedure can be done on any part of the body. I had tiny little broken capillaries on my chest that always looked like a rash. I couldn’t believe the improvement after just one treatment and I had almost no down time.”

Susan Thumberg
Virginia Beach, Virginia