“I had spider veins and I had a varicose vein in my leg after having three children. I’m a nurse, and I used to work at Leigh Memorial Hospital. I know this group of vascular specialists (Vascular & Transplant Specialists and The Vein Center of Virginia), and I respect them. I was also referred to them by my obstetrician. He said that they were doing great work on veins and that I might want to give them a call.

The first time I came in they did light therapy (PhotoDerm©), and I had some good results. But we wanted to have a little better result, so they did injections (sclerotherapy) in both legs. I really had dramatic results. In fact, it was so good they used me in one of their medical write-ups.

They’re very personable, and they listen to you. They took their time to explain it. When I had some questions after treatment, I called and they were very good about answering them.”

Kaye Ganey
Virginia Beach, Virginia